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ITMP is delighted to announce its collaboration with Recruitment experts, Corvus Talent Consulting.

They are a tech recruitment services business staffed by industry and Talent Acquisition veterans who bring technology skills and experience for the recruitment and retention of first-class people and employees.

We offer three core services. 

VIRTUAL RECRUITER. Virtual recruiter is in essence, a client’s own on demand internal
recruitment function that can be scaled up or down to meet demand. Virtual recruiter by
virtue of its access to specialists and their experience is more effective in delivery and more
cost effective than an internal employed team. Virtual recruiter provides expertise in the
following areas.

  • Managing the hiring process to ensure projects are delivered on time.
  • Developing recruitment process to support effective decision making and minimise management time devoted to the hiring process.
  • Development of selection criteria and tools to support effective hiring
  • Managing the whole recruitment administration process
  • Provision of technology to manage the process and remain compliant with data protection legislation. 
  • Access to expensive hiring platforms is included in the fee

EXECUTIVE SEARCH. Ensuring the client recruits the best possible candidate at the right
time. This is a thorough process which delivers shortlists of candidates as well as significant
market information on competitor behaviour and market perceptions of brand.
Executive search is not suitable for every role but is ideal when discretion or confidentiality
are key, where candidates may be reluctant to move through concern about the market or
where there is other perceived risk eg poor company performance. Executive search
enables the client to control the narrative.

RECRUITMENT CONSULTANCY. Focused on tech, the recruitment product provides
traditional recruitment services delivered by industry experienced specialists. The core job
functions we operate in are SALES, PRE – SALES, PROFESSIONAL SERVICES and

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